Vazhvanthol Waterfalls Thiruvananthapuram

A part of the trekking route of Agastyakoodam, the Vazhvanthol waterfalls adds to the natural beauty of Trivandrum. The falls are known for their shimmering waters and beautiful step-like features which make it a popular tourist attraction.

Monsoon adds life to the waterfall and the water current can get pretty challenging. The whole place is a trekker’s dream and often you will find youngsters swarming the area to take in its sheer purity. The absence of shops or any urban element makes this place any nature-lover’s favorite spot.

Agastyakoodam Thiruvananthapuram

Entry charges are INR 35 per person and INR 25 for vehicles which are paid at the check post.

Address: M5F7+V82, Unnamed Road, Kerala 695551

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Images of Vazhvanthol Waterfalls

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