Aazhimala Siva Temple Thiruvananthapuram

Aazhimala Siva Temple, also known as Aazhimala Mahadeva Temple, is a revered Hindu temple located in Aazhimala village, near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on a scenic cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. The Aazhimala Siva Temple holds great religious significance and is believed to be an ancient temple with historical and mythological associations. It attracts devotees and visitors who seek blessings and spiritual solace.

Aazhimala Mahadeva Temple

The temple is known for its serene and picturesque location, offering panoramic views of the coastline. The tranquil ambiance and the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs create a unique atmosphere for worship and meditation.

The architecture of the temple is typical of traditional Kerala style, with intricate carvings and distinct roof structures. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva, and the sanctum sanctorum is adorned with beautiful idols and divine decorations.

One of the unique features of the Aazhimala Siva Temple is the annual Aazhimala Temple Festival, also known as Aazhimala Aaraattu. It is a grand celebration held in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (February-March) and attracts a large number of devotees from nearby areas. The festival includes various rituals, cultural performances, and a colorful procession carrying the deity to the nearby beach for the ceremonial bath (Aaraattu). The festival is a vibrant and joyful event, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

Visitors to the Aazhimala Siva Temple are advised to dress modestly and adhere to the customs and guidelines of the temple. It is recommended to check with local authorities or temple officials for specific timings and any ongoing rituals or festivals.

Address: Mulloor PO, Poovar to vizhinjam road before Pulinkudi jn then, Azhimala Temple Road, Kerala 695501

Phone: 0471 226 8422

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