Beemapally Mosque Thiruvananthapuram

Beemapally Mosque, also known as Beemapally Palli, is a prominent mosque located in Beemapally, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. It holds religious and cultural significance for the Muslim community in the region.

The mosque is dedicated to Beema Beevi, a pious Muslim lady believed to have had spiritual powers. The mosque is a revered place of worship for Muslims, and it attracts a large number of devotees, especially during important Islamic festivals.

Beemapally Mosque is a religious and cultural significance

The Beemapally Mosque is known for its annual festival called Beemapally Chandanakudam, which is celebrated in the Islamic month of Zilhaj, coinciding with the Hajj pilgrimage season. The festival draws a significant crowd, and devotees from different parts of Kerala and beyond come to pay their respects and participate in the festivities.

During the festival, a grand procession takes place where a ceremonial procession carrying the Chandanakudam (sandalwood pot) is taken from the mosque to the nearby Beemapally Dargah. The procession is accompanied by music, traditional dance performances, and a vibrant atmosphere.

The Beemapally Mosque complex also includes the mausoleum of Beema Beevi and her family members. Devotees visit the mausoleum to offer prayers and seek blessings.

The mosque has a distinct architectural style with intricate designs, domes, and minarets. It has separate prayer areas for men and women and provides a peaceful environment for worship.

Visitors to the Beemapally Mosque are advised to dress modestly and follow the guidelines and customs of the mosque. It is always best to check with local authorities or community members for any specific rules or regulations in place.

Address: Valiyathura - Beemapally - Poonthura Rd, Muttathara, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695008

How To Reach

Nearest Railway Station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 7 km

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 7 km

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